Kickstarter for Organic Certification

So What Exactly is Ghee?

Ghee is a clarified butter that has been traditionally used in Indian cooking. The process of clarifying the butter removes virtually all of the lactose, so those who are lactose intolerant or have dairy sensitivities can enjoy this delicious alternative to traditional butter. Ghee also has a much higher smoke point than butter or oils, which makes it perfect for frying delicious foods. Packed with Butyric acid and vitamins, Ghee can boost your immune system and keep you on the right track. Pick up a bottle of our ghee today, swap out you butter, and see why ghee has been loved in India for thousands of years.   Ghee

Nature Nate’s LLC has a kickstarter campaign to help bring his Continuous Flow Popper to the next level

Read all about it and by all means help me out if you are so inclined, by either backing or sharing , especially on social media :)   thanks, nate

Discontinuing Popped Wheat

Well, It’s sad but true. Popped wheat is a slow seller and so we have decided to let it go. This will simplify operations and will allow us to have a gluten free kitchen and eventually be certified Gluten free. Thanks to all of you Popped Wheat fans and supporters, I know for some of you, this is your “go to” snack and to you I send out a heart felt apology. Perhaps you could get hooked on some of my other products or future products:) Again Thank you, Nate

Nyberg New Seasons Market w/ Nature Nate’s LLCs new flavors

End rack at the new Nyberg New Seasons Market sporting most flavors of Nature Nate's LLC Popped Sorghum.

End rack at the new Nyberg New Seasons Market sporting new flavors of Nature Nate’s LLC Popped Sorghum; Thai Red Curry & Coconut Oil, Rosemary & Garlic and Extremely Cheezy!

Did I mention…my best seller(s) are the 1 pound and 2 pound Nature Nate’s LLC Do It Yourself Popping sorghum!

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Big Sale at Camas Produce, and free samples too.

Come taste my new Popped Sorghum flavors: Rosemary & Garlic, Coconut Oil and Thai Red Curry, and Extremely Cheezy (Organic Cheddar cheese)camas produce102_2128

Announcing the 5oz Popped Sorghum Avocado Sea Salt at Moab’s Arches National Park

Now selling at Stroheckers and Palisades Thriftways

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New Season's FL New Season’s in  Fisher’s Landing has made it’s first wholesale purchase to retail Nature Nate’s popped grains snacks. The products can also be found in Battle Ground WA at Battle Ground Produce, in Dollars Corner at Four C’s, in Vancouver WA at both Chucks Produce locations in Orchards at Lingonberries Market, in Canby OR at Cutsforth Thriftway and The Vitamin Plaza, and in Milwaukee OR at Bob’s Redmill. You may help me out by requesting my products at any of the other New Season’s stores or at any store for that matter.
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