Eat more natural whole foods – think better – be healthier –  have more energy – live longer – Be happy! Try our popped whole grains; you will  find satisfaction for your mouth, stomach and mind – Be happy! Popped Sorghum a gluten free snack alternative to chips, crackers or popcorn – loaded with nutrients and flavor in 5 flavors and 2 sizes, Avocado & Sea Salt and Agave & Honey, Coconut oil and Thai Red Curry, Extremely Cheezy and Rosemary & Garlic. Tastes like popcorn only way healthier and easier to digest. Glorious Grains is a compilation of ancient roasted and popped grains that is an amazingly tasty original snack and crosses over into the kitchen with ease; try it on a salad, on-top a casserole or in a stuffed pork chop!