Kamut is a registered brand of an organic ancient wheat known as khorasan. Nature Nate’s LLC pops this healthy grain in organic coconut oil, it has a bit of sea salt and garlic added to round it out. You will love this delicious, crunchy nutty flavored snack,  and rest easy knowing how incredibly  healthy it is. For now, it comes in a 3 ounce snack package and a 1 pound bulk bag both with a ziplock top*. *This is a new product and the labels are still in progress, that being said you may order it now if you are anxious to get some, but they will have a temporary label. I must add, this grain is much better for you than modern wheats  because it has never been genetically modified or hybrydized and contain more proteins (40% more), lipidsamino acidsvitamins and minerals than modern wheat.  It is also known to have a good amount of antioxidants…from wikipedia – Selenium and Zinc are both crucial cofactors of antioxidant enzymes, while polyphenols and vitamin E are essential antioxidants. The high presence of those elements in Khorasan wheat increases antioxidant protection. A study conducted on rats has shown that the Kamut wheat-made bread better protects from oxidative stress than bread made from whole-grain durum wheat.[21]