Nature Nate’s LLC has 5 flavors available in the 2 oz snack size and 5 oz economy package.

PS 5oz Avocado Oil & Sea Salt
Popped Sorghum Avocado oil and Sea Salt – Consists of 3 ingredients: Sorghum, avocado oil and sea salt. Click here to shop


PS 5oz Rosemary & Garlic

Popped Sorghum Rosemary & Garlic – popped in olive oil and liberally spiced with rosemary, garlic and sea salt. Click here to shop

PS 5oz Extremely Cheezy

Popped Sorghum Extremely Cheezy – Popped in olive oil and liberally coated with Spokane Cheddar which is Non-GMO and has no growth hormones! Click here to shop  

Popped Sorghum Organic Ghee – Sorghum popped in delicious and heart healthy ghee, a great alternative to butter. Click here to shop

Popped Sorghum Organic Brown Butter Caramel – Popped in Ghee with a sweet caramel taste.Click here to shop


Low Cost
And Now…introducing our low-cost shnick-shnack the 1 ouncer – popped in olive oil with sea salt. Perfect for students or any one on the go $1.19
What is sorghum? It’s a grain much like popcorn, only healthier and better tasting. Sorghum is an ancient grain and a main staple in India and Africa and parts of China. The US brought it over at the time of the Civil War and we became the top producer of sorghum. We’ve used it for years to make molasses, ethanol and to feed animals.It has made it’s way back into our diet as a gluten free flour for baking, in gluten free beer, as a cereal and an ingredient to many recipes…. And now it will be one of the healthiest tastiest snacks on the market!Nature Nate’s uses only the best non-GMO popping sorghum. About 90% of the kernels pop. Popped Sorghum is gluten free, wheat free, corn free, nut free, soy free and dairy free (except for the Extremely cheezy). Popped Sorghum is a fantastic snack that tastes much like popcorn only with some distinct health advantages:

Popped Sorghum vs. Pop Corn

  • No GMO and gluten free
  • Extra tasty…sweeter and nutty tasting
  • No hull…well, it has a hull but is insignificant
  • Very EASY to digest
  • Less glucose and more protein means lower on the glycemic index
  • May lower cholesterol
  • High in anti-oxidants